Ce sunt produsele refurbished by Romleas?


Romleas Refurbished Standard:

Romleas is the creator of the Refurbished concept in Romania. Be very careful when purchasing products from companies in Romania, ask if the product is Romleas Refurbished.

A Romleas Refurbished product is coming to you:

  • In the box, protected from the shocks of transport
  • Windows licensed, pre-installed (Windows 10 Pro / Home)
  • With all related cables
  • Warranty 2 - 8 years


Definitie Refurbished

Professional IT equipment, brand, from the business range, with solid configurations, being specially created for the business environment where you will save 30% - 60% and you will benefit from a 2 or 3 year warranty.
They are products of brands (e.g. mainly Dell, HP and secondarily Lenovo, Fujitsu, Lexmark, Apc and others) packaged with care and skill, look good and work excellently.

Romleas owns the only factory of Refurbished products in Romania.

x3 Tested and packaged to standard

The products are tested once by the supplier, once by Romleas specialists and once by installing the operating system. In the technical testing with specific programs, each component, jack or key (for keyboard products) is tested both from a hardware and software point of view, all products having to fit the standard of a new product.

Windows 10 pre-installed (use immediately, at no additional cost)
Romleas Refurbished products are delivered with licensed Windows (Windows 10 Home and Pro), already pre-installed in partnership with Microsoft Refurbished. Moreover, Microsoft Defender bonus antivirus plus the related cables, you don't waste time with absolutely anything, everything is ready for you to start your activity.

Refurbished products installed with Windows 10 Pro and Home benefit from Microsoft Defender antivirus included.

Refurbished products come with a 2 - 8 year warranty.



Refurbished arata bine

We choose refurbished products very carefully and make sure that they look aesthetically good. We carefully test every component, plug, key (for keyboard products) both software and hardware. We make sure that the product looks impeccable and we will deliver a guaranteed product.

Romleas Refurbished products are products that look good and have a visually pleasing appearance.

Romleas Refurbished



Romleas Refurbished : Der Standard

All Romleas Refurbished products comply with the quality standard mentioned above.

What you lose if you don't buy Refurbished

You risk buying a product that is not 100% functional, receiving it with a badd hdd or that does not communicate 100%, the capacitors, the raid controller, the keyboard not being tested.
You risk receiving a cracked product, with missing buttons or bent plugs.
If you buy from elsewhere you risk that the laptop battery will not last you at all, you risk receiving a laptop or a monitor with stains on the screen, streaks or missing buttons.

A used but quality product, or a new one?
We all know that you can buy used Volkswagen, Audi, BMW or Mercedes models, with a warranty, at approximately the same value as a new Dacia. The explanation is that the BMW or Mercedes are used products and for this reason their price is reduced by 30% - 60% compared to a new BMW or Mérides.

The same situation can be found when comparing a new computer or laptop, assembled from components in Romania, with a refurbished one, assembled to the quality standard imposed by the brand under which it is sold.
What would you opt for? A new Dacia or a used Volkswagen, Audi, BMW or Mercedes? New and cheap computer or used product, but quality?

Do you want to take risks or do you go for the quality option?

#Durabil Customers who purchased products 17 years ago still recommend us to all friends and partners.

#Ecologic - do you care?
Refurbished products are a way to show that you care about the environment, while benefiting from top technologies and sustainable products. These products, after almost one to two years of use, were taken over by the companies that manufactured them, checked to fit the correct operating parameters, rechecked by CIT Grup, verified in operation by installing the operating system and put back on the market. The products have a low energy consumption and, by reintroducing them into the economic circuit, you help reduce pollution by producing new units and at the same time save important amounts that you can direct to other activities.
Smart companies buy Romleas Refurbished.

#Rentabil Buy Romleas Refurbished products and benefit from products with a price reduced by up to 60% compared to products of the same brand and from the same range, but you will benefit from the same advantages, namely the reduction of electricity consumption, eye protection, speed of use, you will help the environment, you will benefit from the same performance of the products used by large companies.

products sold by Romleas are from professional ranges (business ranges). The professional ranges of the manufacturers DELL, HP, LENOVO, FUJITSU are much superior in quality to the products that are currently found in stores (even of the same brand), they are generally at least double in price compared to a product used for home (even in the context of identical configurations).

products are designed with high-performance ventilation and cooling systems that remove hot air from the processor and hard drive. With an optimal operating temperature, the average lifespan of these products reaches 10 years.

The components used in the production of laptops, computers and monitors are of excellent quality, guaranteeing high performance. As a rule, the products on the market in Romania, in order to reach a lower selling price, are built and used components of a low quality compared to those sold in Western European countries. This can lead to problems of incompatibility between components, poor cooling, higher power consumption, various faults and a reduced service life.

Perfectly compatible components
In the case of business ranges, manufacturers verify the compatibility of components through hundreds of tests, the products being designed to work non-stop for a long period of time at maximum performance.

Low power
consumption In branded desktop computers, the power supply is designed to use low power consumption. In some models the power supply is only 80W, having a consumption of 5 – 6 times lower and at the same time offering the optimal operating parameters.

Computers assembled from components need large power supplies, at least 450 - 500W or even larger, to operate in normal parameters.

Out of curiosity, I calculated in 12 months what savings are made by using a branded computer with an 80W power supply compared to a computer assembled from pieces with a 500W power supply, both used 8 hours a day. The cost of electricity is calculated at Enel's tariffs.

The savings made with the branded computer is 489 Lei + VAT, a pretty big amount to save. What happens if the user has 30 computers running 8 hours a day? By purchasing Romleas products, you will reduce your annual expenses by 30 computers x 489 lei + VAT = 17,457 lei. What is the cost reduction when you use 100 computers, 1000 computers? It's really good!

Obtain maximum performance
When purchasing a new product, the customer buys a configuration noted on paper. But does the product work at the indicated parameters?

When a new product is released, we are also offered a set of drivers along with it. There is the possibility of installing additional software and not all software manufacturers manage to keep up with the more than 100 component manufacturing companies, which each produce dozens of models. As a result, our new computer starts to fail, crash, incompatibilities and errors appear.

Approximate durationIt takes 2 years until software incompatibilities are resolved and software upgrades that maximize product performance appear.

When it is available, within 2 years of its launch, a refurbished product is the best investment, due to the compatibility fixes and software improvements up to that point.

Small spaces?
Nowadays, when the prices of apartments, commercial spaces and offices are rising, every meter and square centimeter costs. Vertical computers have started to be old-fashioned: they take up too much space on the table, and when we put them on the floor we risk a lot of dust getting in, which drastically reduces their lifespan.

The solution chosen by most companies and, recently, by individuals is the desktop computer and the positioning of the monitor on the computer. This location creates more desk space or the possibility of using a smaller office and thus lowering rent costs.

products You can have access to products that are not normally found in stores, special products. Products that are usually not found in Romania, or have a very high price in Romania or are not products for Romania.

Top quality
subassemblies Brand manufacturers, for the top ranges (business ranges) take care to offer their customers superior and durable performances. The components used in the assembly of laptops, computers and monitors are the ones that offer the best performance on the market.

Example: Dell is partnering with FOXCONN, one of the world's leading manufacturers of cooling systems and enclosures. The cooler in the system alone is worth about 80 euros!

In products assembled from pieces, in order to offer the customer a lower cost, lower quality components are used.

Example: the value of the cooler used in most of the assemblies from pieces of computers and laptops is somewhere between 6-12 euros.

You choose...

Dell, Hp, IBM brand manufacturers verify through hundreds of tests the compatibility of components to ensure maximum performance for each product launched on the market.

Example: Dell is partnering with FOXCONN, one of the world's leading manufacturers of cooling and ventilation systems.

Brand products produce low noise compared to systems assembled from pieces, which, especially in summer, give us the feeling that we are always on the runway of an airport. Are we afraid that, in summer, the 6 euro cooler will snap?

Extra Warranty
The products sold generally have between 1 year and 3 years warranty. The warranty can be extended additionally for small amounts for Dell, HP, Lenovo products in the business range (95% of what we sell).

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